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Variazione orario.

Si informa la Gentile Clientela che in settimana il Negozio torna al solito orario:

- da martedì a sabato 8.30-12.30 - 15.30-19.30

- Domenica 8.30-12.45 - pomeriggio chiuso

Pasticceria Schifano


Pasticceria Schifano

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Laura Lava

Hello, unfortunately the exquisite dessert is not accompanied by availability towards the customer. Not even today someone does not lend themselves to giving by hand Profit wins over the heart. Fortunately, other professionals in the city behave differently Laura Lava

Fabio Villa

Change the name, but not the pastry chef's hand. Giuseppe is perhaps the oldest presence that can be found there in the pastry shop, he entered as a shop "boy" more than 35 years ago and earned his degrees in the field again with Bertaglia father. And this is the beauty of the handover in the specific case, which in fact, the only thing that changes is the name on the sign. Pasticcini and Torta Badoglio to pull your hair out, among the pastries in my opinion Chantilly, cannoli and diplomats stand out.

manuel corrain

High-class pastry. With all types of irresistible and classic taste of yesteryear. Fabulous cakes!

Roberto Ferraris

For pleasant greedy moments, what better than a perfect dessert? Excellent quality, courtesy and kindness.

Luca Cavalieri

Perhaps the best pastry shop in Vercelli, ever since it was called Bertaglia. Unforgettable are the eggnog puffs from Chantilly! Excellent truffles.